14 Best Vibrators for Beginners - How to Buy Your First Vibrator

Beginners vibrators

Pick up suitable vibrator for beginners and heat up your sensation

Do you find it shameful to look for a vibrator? Well, you shouldn’t. Physical pleasure is one of the natural necessities that cheers one up. You should not always kick your heels for a guy to take you for a ride to the moon! Buy the best vibrator and be the queen of your kingdom.

How to use a vibrator for the first time?

You are a newbie, right? Then you must follow apt techniques regarding the insertion of the vibrator. The private parts are always sensitive, and you are required to be more careful when you are planning to enjoy the sensation first time with a vibrator.



    • Turn on your mood: When you are applying a vibrator, you must get turned on. You can read erotic magazines, watch porn to turn it on. You should not take beginner vibrators straight between the two legs; instead, continue having fun by touching your breasts, nipples, thighs with the best beginner vibrator.




    • Apply lube: If you want to know how to use a vibrator correctly, then you should never skip this point. The application of lube enables the vibrator is used to glide inside without any tugging.






    • An easeful start: While inserting the best vibrator for beginners, keep it at the lower settings. Start it slow, and speed it up when you start enjoying the sensation.




    • Level of pleasure: This is an important step indeed. Women get an orgasm by applying the vibrator for beginners in different areas. You will have to find the apt level of contact for your pleasure. Some women find it fantastic to directly keep the vibrator on the clitoris, while the others do not prefer such direct sensation. 




  • Your hot spot: This step is partially similar to the previous point. What is your hot spot? Let’s find it out. There are different types of vibrators available in the market. If you love G-spot stimulation, then purchase your sex toy accordingly. Else, you can insert it straight away if your vibrator is designed for direct penetration.


If you are confused about the best way to use a vibrator, then follow the above steps.



How to find the right vibrator for yourself?

For the newbies, it is a challenge to use the best first-time vibrators! The below steps will give you an idea for initiating a purchase.


    • The size: Size does matter! When you are considering the sexual pleasure size of the vibrator is important. If you want deep penetration, then buy the best kind of vibrator that is long, thick, and realistic. If you encourage a short and thin one, then it won't be able to simulate the sensation.






    • The shape: If you purchase a well-shaped vibrator, then you will continue looking for hours to stay alone by locking yourself in a room! Thick and sturdy vibrators are the weakness of several women.




    • The texture: Would you prefer a dotted texture? There is no doubt that dotted texture offers a different sensation that is often intense. If you wish to reach the apex, then purchase the recommended vibrators with dots.




    • The settings: Well, this is important! A vibrator is a sex toy that appears to provide satisfaction to the user. Then, if there are more settings, you will get familiar with various types of pleasures that the machine offers. Before buying sex toys for beginners, make sure you are purchasing a product with multiple settings.






    • The buzz: Do you like noise while having erotic pleasure? It is perfectly fine to have different choices considering sexual activities. There are simple sex toys in the market, with and without noise. Hence make your purchase accordingly.




    • The outlook:  Don't you think that the outlook does matter? Yes, it does. Smart looking vibrators can smoothly run a woman horny without any prior actions. If you are confused about which vibrator to buy, think less, and observe the available sex toys.






    • Sex toy cleaner: Maintenance of hygiene should always be your prime concern. After using a sex vibrator, make sure to clean it with a disinfectant. Always remember, your health is your wealth.






    • Your budget: How much are you ready to spend on your first-time vibrator? However, if you have a lower budget, you can still have plenty of choices that can heat up your sensations. Fixing the budget enables you to filter your choices smoothly. When you are a beginner, it would be wise not to spend a huge amount on the sex toy.




    • The available products online: Until and unless you stalk the available products online, you won’t be able to choose the right product for your use. Hence observe the available products and filter your choice as per your requirement.




    • Customer reviews: Before investing your hard-earned money, you should always go through the customer reviews. The honest feedback will inform you about the quality, the material, and the experience.



Are you a newbie? Let’s get familiar with your preferences


    • How do you want to use the vibrator? Do you want to apply it by yourself, or you prefer your bed partner to insert it for you? If you wish to have it on your own, then you can consider different types of vibrators for solo use. Else, with a different choice, you can go for the best vibrators for partner use.




    • What kind of stimulation do you prefer? Do you feel good being touched on the clitoris during the penetration? If so, then you must go for a G-Spot rabbit vibrator. However, there are several beginner sex toys available in the market.




    • You should entertain a programmable toy: If you are yet to know everything about how to masturbate with a vibrator, then you are suggested to purchase a vibrator with plenty of features.






  • Be safe: A vibrator is always safe. All you need to enrich your knowledge regarding how does a vibrator work. Once you are adept at using a vibrator for the first time, you will be able to enjoy yourself.



In the end, remove your hesitation and stop typing ‘where can I buy vibrator’ on Google. Visit a reliable E-store and buy the best vibrator for first-time users.


Does the use of vibrators cause any internal damage?

No, never! If the application of the best beginner sex toy is made correctly, then no internal injury will take place. For women, it takes time to heat up the sensation. Hence, you are advised to initiate an easeful start.

How to choose the best vibrator?

The passion for sex comes up with huge variations. Hence it is essential to specify your preferences before you purchase the best simple vibrator for your personal use. Check the available products from a reliable E-store and select as per your choice.


How to get prepare before using a vibrator?

If you are not ready for the sensation, then you will find it extremely uncomfortable. Try to fire your nerves by watching erotic videos.


Why the application of lube is important?

Well, this is important. The application of lube softens the path, and no tugging takes place during the penetration. The smooth gliding movement provides a good feeling.